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Going from encouragement to healthy circle of support like friends and family is one of step to start your personal journey. Set up a couple of goals that are small and realistic towards to the big goal of accomplishment. Set up a frame time that is doable for your needs and get the workout done. Start twice a week of training sessions that include cardio-respiratory, strength, endurance and flexibility components. Ask for advice to professionals in those areas, follow an schedule and alternate them if you join group fitness classes at the gym. Write some notes that help you to understand the purpose of your choices in term of exercising, skills, meals, schedule. If you need to be guide closely, find a local trainer to train you in the most functional way possible, if you consider to include supplements in your diet make sure that they are gentle with your liver and strong enough to provide you with real nutrients for energy, performance and recovery overall time.
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Laura Smeback
Fitwell Fitness Cross Training
Trainer & Personal Coach


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